The Rising Starlets @ LA Shorts Fest 2015 – Part 2

1. Nadine Nicole Heimann in “Lonely Planet”


– With her nomination for Best Actress at the SOHO International Film Festival for her performance in “Lonely Planet”, it’s time for everyone to fall in love with this screen sweetheart.
– The charming Nicole is perfect as Julia, the travel guide writer who encounters a stranger in Barcelona and proceeds to change her mindset about romantic devotion.
– She also had a recurring role in the soap “The Young And The Restless” and there’s a magnetism about her that sparkles with desirability.

2. Mariah Bonner in “Elisa”


– Romance is certainly becoming a popular theme at this year’s LA Shorts Fest and what better than to have the alluring Mariah Bonner in the spotlight!
– She’s starring in “Elisa”, the story regaling the life of an affectionate young couple who like most are not shielded from the trepidations of love.
– Mariah is known for being in several horror flicks most notably “Starve” and it’s great to see her get to shine as a enigmatic love interest this time around.

3. Paige Morrow Kimball Directs “Play Date”


– Kudos to Paige for being not only the creative force behind her short film “Play Date” but also actively hire as many women as possible both in front of as well as behind the camera.
– In keeping with her luminous personality, she’s crafted an entertaining and magical narrative that delves into the issue of the invisibility of homelessness.
– Having excelled in a range of quirky characters, Paige is giving us a taste of her brilliance as an inspirational storyteller.

4. Natalie Lander in “The Fake”


– There may not be a trailer for her upcoming feature “The Fake” but on account of her adorable beauty, most of us are already fawning over Natalie.
– It’s a tale of an empty-nester setting out to get himself a fake ID to gain senior discounts and all eyes should be glancing towards the comely Natalie who plays the niece.
– A natural performer, she has that irresistible cuteness we can’t stop appreciating and her turn as the cheerleader Debbie from “In The Middle” is worthy of endless adoration.

5. Nathalie Antonia & Dixie Perkinson in “Becca And Molly”


– Eternal cuties Nathalie and Dixie are the dynamic duo who are making quite the splash on the indie comedy scene with their distinctive radiance.
– They are both eye-catching in the fascinating look at how some of us do indeed have surprising ways of showing love for mums in the delightful “Becca and Molly”
– These 2 uber talented women are enchanting us with unique slices of life onscreen and will be no doubt be finding an affluence of endearment.

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