Must Watch Indie Darlings @ Burbank International Film Festival 2015

1. Kim Burns in “Painless”

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– On top of her amiable personality, Kim’s effervescent spirit ensures she’s a delight onscreen and she’s starring in “Painless” screening at this year’s Burbank International Film Fest.
– Here’s Kim giving us more details of her must-watch short:

We actually have lots of juicy news about Painless! It will screen at the Burbank International Film Festival where it is nominated for Best Dramatic Short, and my co-star (who also produced it with me and wrote it) Ketryn Porter and I are both nominated for Best Actress at the festival. We’re so excited!

It screened last week at InShort festival in London and the week before that at Hollyshorts Film Festival in Hollywood. A director there saw the film and offered me a role in her upcoming feature – so awesome! I’m about to head into a rehearsal for that as we speak…

Ketryn and I were also just in a Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project film that is in the finals for that on Sunday. Painless also has a few more festivals coming down the tube that we will announce soon.

– If you’re looking for up and coming indie starlets, then make a beeline to watch Kim as she unequivocally could charm all of our socks off.

2. Kestrin Pantera in “Nothing Safer”


– Exuding the cool vibe that can often be felt at a iconic festival such as Burning Man, Kestrin is a multi-talented actress with an attractively vivacious soul.
– In the sci-fi short “Nothing Safer”, she plays a woman whose husband tries to keep her safe in an experimental panic room in the face of an imminent alien invasion.
– From an Asian perspective, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Kestrin is fluent in Mandarin and it adds another dimension to her many endearing facets.

3. Megan Lee Joy in “Shevenge”


– It’s easy to gravitate towards the women of the indie genre and Megan Lee Joy is deliciously wicked in “Shevenge” as the sexy Taylor who seeks revenge on her crappy boyfriend.
– “Shevenge” is the brainchild of Megan and kudos to her for concocting a tale of vengeance served with a darkly funny, feminine touch.
– Expect Megan to be the leading lady and creator of even more future projects that will not only titillate the senses but also be richly entertaining.

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