Burbank International Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Alexis Nichols

The ravishing Alexis Nichols has all the hallmarks of a captivating starlet on the rise. At this year’s Burbank International Film Festival, she takes on the role of TV icon Lucille Ball in “Becoming Lucy”. Just like Lucille, Alexis is a versatile performer and a model which makes it fitting that she embodies the acclaimed first lady of television as well as the headliner of the long-running series “I Love Lucy”. With “Becoming Lucy” becoming a fixture at several film festivals including a screening at Cannes earlier in 2015, attention is bound to be lavished on the delectable Alexis. She’s already graced Maxim and her adaptably beautiful looks could be a draw in any era on film as she so likably showcased in the guise of 1950s coveted comedienne Lucille Ball. Her passionate interpretation of a star with her own struggles with fame is going to intrigue many around the world.

Already she’s been endowed with the Emerald Award for Best Actress @Cinerockcom for the leading role in “Becoming Lucy” and could be garnering even more in the near future. Since 2010, this blog has recognised promising actresses who have gone on to be in the limelight and Alexis is on course for a most promising career.

Head over to the ALEXIS NICHOLS OFFICIAL SITE to keep up with the latest updates.

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