Indie Darlings To Crave @ Action On Film Festival 2015

1. Sarah Warren in “MLE”


– With her Best Actress nomination at AOFFest 2015, all eyes will be fixated on the uber talented and Canadian comedy queen Sarah Warren.
– She’s winning hearts everywhere as the accidental spy Julie Robert in “MLE” aka My Little Eye and makes a strong case for becoming a blossoming sweetheart in the funny stakes.
– The undisputed creative force behind this most engaging of features, Sarah’s intelligent script is giving us loads of reason to adore her quirky charisma.

2. Claire Scott in “Before The Border”

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– We don’t want the Aussie invasion into Hollywood to stop especially with the likes of the sexy Claire Scott making inroads into our hearts.
– With Alycia Debnam Carey (Fear The Walking Dead) and Eliza Taylor (The 100) notable for having enchanted audiences, it won’t be too long before Claire is coveted as well.
– Catch this ravishing starlet in “Before The Border” as Beth, the best friend of a college law student forced to take up a life altering challenge.

3. Sarah Deakins in “Greece”


– Sarah is a perennial honey and it’s a given to see her on this blog as she has a such a giving personality on top of being an accomplished entertainer.
– Her emotional story “Greece” resonates fully with me since I’m grappling with my own connection with my mother who is having a bout of ill health these past few months.
– Crafting a beautiful short film on familial relationships, Sarah is touted to be a film festival darling for years to come, a nod to her ability to create moving dramas that touch hearts.

4. Christina Collard in “The Morning After”


– Christina is a vivacious Australian actress who has the best of both worlds, temptingly gorgeous and yet has touches of the girl next door innocence.
– She’s definitely going to infuse the sizzle factor in “The Morning After”, the must-watch comedy that reveals the aftermath of sex once the deed is done.
– Her bubbly and ravishing looks are worthy of countless admiration and it’s why she is deserving of her Christina Collard Appreciation Society Fan Page.

5. Elizabeth J. Carlisle in “For Your Troubles”

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– A hot list is not complete without redheads and the sultry Elizabeth J. Carlisle exudes an unmistakable allure from head to toe.
– Endowed with velvety curves and the exquisite smile, one can almost liken her sex appeal to fellow actress Jeri Ryan.
– As the dangerously saucy Eva in “For Your Troubles”, she dazzles as the paramour who complicates the life of an amnesic Muay Thai fighter.

6. Alexandra Anthony in “Fan 27”


– Be it on or off screen, there is no doubt Alexandra is a living doll and has the eye-catching magnetism that’s full of sweetness.
– Don’t miss her as Toni Mortinson in “Fan 29”, the demanding boss pressuring the assistant coach of a small-town minor league baseball team to find the sought-after winning formula.
– It’s no wonder Alexandra is also a fixture on red carpets as her photogenic beauty and genial magnetism is what the camera loves.

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