The Most Desirable Horror Vixens @ Action On Film Festival 2015

1. Vanelle in “Athena”

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– The brunette beauty Vanelle is the personification of comeliness and sheer talent, one of the most desirable women in the indie horror circuit and beyond.
– She’s up for the Best Actress Award for her stirring performance in “Athena” as Emily falls under the influence of a mysterious yet potentially nefarious voice in her head.
– Vanelle is attending the screening of “Athena” and for us it’s a boon to catch a glimpse of this stunner destined for fandom.

2. Tonya Cornelisse in “The Wolves Of Savin Hill”

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– Catch Tonya in “The Wolves Of Savin Hill” as the mesmerising Cassandra in one of her most dangerously sexy roles to date.
– Embodying the richness of her character, she effortlessly threads the sensual and dark journey in through-provoking fashion.
– Her swoon-worthy facial symmetry is very much in the vein of Kristen Wiig and that means Tonya is in line for a sustained period of devotion.

3. Terissa Kelton & Janet Mayson in “Quad X: Rise of the Beaver Slayer”

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– There’s nothing better than shining the spotlight on the women of indie film with Terissa and Janet being the constant enchanters in the genre.
– Terissa dazzles as Ginger Snap (a nod to Katharine Isabelle perhaps), the porn star who is having some mummy issues showing us that even adult performers have complicated lives.
– A versatile actress, Janet is eye-catching as the good Dr. Long who offers counselling to our poor souls of the porn industry.

4. Ivet Corvea in “The Painting”


– We’ve always had a fascination with voodoo ever since American Horror Story and Ivet perpetuates our obsession as a sultry voodoo priestess in “The Panting”
– As Marie Lavaux, she is hired to fuel a down-and-out painter’s need to create masterpieces worthy of millions but her spiritual wiles take him down a terrifying path.
– Notable for her love of horror and its many crossover genres, Cuban-born Ivet is deliciously sexy and continues to be a must watch temptress of the screen.

5. Sheri Davis in “Snake With A Human Tail”


– Kudos to Sheri for being the riveting figure in the gritty film “Snake With A Human Tail” as a born-again woman whose past as an abused boy fuels her rage for revenge.
– Billed to be heading for big things, this Texan Temptress has both the saucy curves and screen smarts to entrance viewers.
– For those who can’t get enough of zombies, don’t miss Sheri in the upcoming short “The Jones” as a zombie mother who has to deal with her daughter’s transformation into a human!

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