Rising Starlet: Sydney Sweeney

The rise and rise of young talents in the industry is at its pinnacle with Sydney Sweeney establishing herself as a screen sweetheart. She’s a burgeoning captivator across multiple genres from drama to horror with undeniable charm. More than capable of becoming a household name, she could well be following the footsteps of Madison Davenport who is now coveted with her role on the series “From Dusk Till Dawn” having first wowed audiences in “The Possession”. Incidentally Sydney is the leading lady of the upcoming demonic possession film “Tell Me Your Name” which sees her as a troubled young woman who invites an evil presence into her life. Sydney is also slated to dazzle in the indie zombie actioner “The Horde” as she faces the unspeakable and terrifying mutated beings with a ravenous taste for blood.

With the attention on zombies also at an all time high, it would be great if Sydney got cast in the series “Fear The Walking Dead”. She would bring a compelling innocence to a world that’s destined for deathly upheaval. Meanwhile get a glimpse of her as a human trafficking victim in “Relentless” set in El Salvador. She plays Ally who is the unfortunate kidnappee whose mother Holly (Lauren Shaw) goes on a dangerous yet unrelenting mission to save her daughter. Sydney does have the purity that will have viewers rooting for her till the end of the movie. Such is her virtuous appeal that we can’t wait for even more of this potential It-Girl. Sydney’s versatility does indeed ensure she’ll be our passion for the long haul.

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