Sizzling Cutie: Katelyn Pearce

We are blessed to behold the flourishing appeal of Katelyn Pearce, the cherubic beauty tipped for ascendancy on both film and television. “Limitless” may be the new kid on the block on TV yet it’s garnering massive attention and Katelyn has a co-star role on this week’s episode called Badge! Gun! It is of course based on the film and happens to have Bradley Cooper reprising his Eddie Morra role with Jennifer Carpenter part of this accomplished cast. In one of her first roles, Katelyn was widely praised for her alluring performance and this can only augur well for her upcoming part on “Limitless” as well as future ones.

She also plays Alana Styles, a stripper in the indie flick “Gone By Dawn” who joins forces with her dancers after a brutal rape. The sub-genre of rape/revenge film may have its fair share of controversy but it’s always great to see justice exacted with feminine ferocity. What goes around comes around in bloody fashion! Watch the trailer:
In “Gone By Dawn”, Katelyn does team up with Hannah Fierman who is an indie horror darling thanks to V/H/S and they both exude a distinctive sexiness. Brunettes are indeed heavenly and the gorgeous athletic curves on Katelyn are a cert for affection. From her modelling pics, one could make a point that she has the captivating aesthetics of both Zooey and Emily Deschanel. Add that to her engaging,vivacious talents onscreen and Katelyn could be striking a chord with audiences in no time.

Keep up with all the latest updates at the KATELYN PEARCE OFFICIAL SITE.

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