ShriekFest 2015 Spotlight: Exclusive Interview with ShriekFest Founder Denise Gossett

Her Festival ShriekFest is very much coveted year in, year out and Denise Gossett continues to be enchantingly influential for horror fans around the world. Come Oct 1st, all eyes will once more be fixated on ShriekFest which has propelled indie horror into the stratosphere with avid fascination. She genuinely understands the whims and fancies of horror aficionados and for this 15th Edition, she ensures there’s something for every one with a craving for stories both dark and light. Her geniality is also a big reason why we should all give high praise to this exceptional First Lady of Horror.

I got a chance to interview acclaimed horror visionary Denise Gossett:

1. What can audiences expect to see at this year’s Shriekfest? Any intriguing surprises in store at this year’s edition?

The audiences are going to love our selections. We have a 1 take, 1 person POV feature 6:15. And we have zombies, ghosts, serial killers, horror comedy, intense thrillers, etc. Fun to be had by all!

2. Women are steadily becoming the centrepiece of horror and we’re thoroughly addicted. What would you like to see more of in regards to female-fronted movies?

It’s great isn’t it. I would like to see the characters getting even stronger! Smart women are popping up in horrors everywhere and I love it.

3. What’s your secret in choosing the selections of films at Shriekfest? On that note, what’s the 1 movie you can’t wait to see at Shriekfest 2015?

My secret is I have 40 judges and they help narrow it down, however, I do watch everything, I am the only one who has been here for all 15 years and I know my audience. It comes down to judges’ votes and my boards votes and of course myself. smile emoticon Well, I want to see them all, but, there are a few that I think it will be extra grand on the big screen…like Interior…that one is already scary and on the big screen will be more so.

4. We know you as an accomplished creative force in horror but what’s the one other genre that you gravitate towards and why?

I love to watch comedies, but I love to act in any genre!

5. Finally, if you were thinking of doing a horror film in Asia, which supernatural tale (i.e. Stories about Spirits, Black Magic or Psychological Terror) would most tickle your fancy the most?

Psychological Terror. I love the thinking films.

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