Hotties On Film, DVD and TV – Sep 30 2015

1. Colleen Ryan in “Fresh Off The Boat”

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– It’s awesome to see a comedic actress take centre stage and the effervescent Colleen is set to warm hearts aplenty this week on TV.
– As the lycra-spandex wearing Amanda, a member of a suburbanite clique, she’s a colourful presence in the sophomore season of sleeper hit “Fresh Off The Boat” starring Constance Wu.
– With her glowing beauty and an enigmatic charm on view, Colleen is the girl with the attractive gravitational pull we find thoroughly inviting.

2. Rebecca Calder in “Love/Me/Do”


– Mesmerising with the undeniable tinge of elegance, Rebecca is on the rapid rise and she’s cementing herself as a screen siren.
– She recently graced the premiere of her movie “Love/Me/Do” at the Raindance Film Festival and infuses her leading lady role as Antonia with a dark side that’s eye-catching as it is thought-provoking.
– Described as a flawless performance, Rebecca draws audiences in as they struggle with feelings of sympathy or scorn for her character, a testament of her sheer talents.

3. Sarah Butler in “I Spit On Your Grave 3: Vengeance Is Mine”


– The beguiling Sarah is undoubtably one of my most favourite actresses of all time and she’s actually the inspiration of the birth of this very blog. See here!
– Just like Camille Keaton before her, Sarah is crafting her own cult status in the eyes of this generation. She returns to her emotionally wrought role of Jennifer Hills, the rape survivor turned avenging angel in the 3rd instalment of the I Spit On Your Grave franchise.
– There’s so many facets of the beautiful Sarah that’s deserving of adoration and her irresistible geniality will always be cherished by me.

4. Aurelia Scheppers in “The Hive”

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– The eyes are truly the captivators of our souls and Aurelia ranks as having a most ravishing pair on par with fellow actress Alexandra Daddario.
– Catch Aurelia in the compellingly Evil-Dead like flick “The Hive” as a man traces the memories of the life he had before a contagious phenomenon changes his life forever.
– Effortlessly seductive, Aurelia is known for her gorgeousness as well as her dedication in acting, she’s a gem likely to sparkle for years to come.

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