Rising Starlet: Megan Guinan

Megan Guinan could well be TV’s newest sweetheart and her amiable disposition is one of her many adorable facets. With a plum role on the new series “Limitless”, she may find herself being up high on the fondness scale. I’m thoroughly blessed to be writing about future stars like Megan and since this is the Golden Era of Television, there’ll be prime interest on her from all corners of the globe.

Here’s Megan describing her role on “Limitless” and her intriguing new feature:

Rachel is Brian’s sassy younger sister. She adored him when they were kids. In adulthood he’s the black sheep of the family but she still loves him, despite being “a loser” in the eyes of her meticulous family. When he’s suddenly Mr. Know It All, everyone is very impressed and thinks he’s turned over a new leaf, but Rachel is skeptical and knows something’s up because she knows her big brother.

My other main project right now is working with a production company Round Seven Films. They are producing a script I wrote, a TV series about the youngest daughter in a highly dysfunctional family. The father fakes his death and let’s her in on the secret to use her to mess with the others because he’s pissed everyone is actually really happy he’s gone. It’s a half hour dark comedy and it flashes between reality and Del’s perspective which is highly influenced by what she’s seen on TV.

It may only be 2 episodes in but we all can’t wait for even more of the repartee between Megan’s Rachel and big bro Brian (Jake McDorman) in “Limitless”. One can already fathom her as being pivotal in Brian’s very much complicated life and there’s more enthralling stories to be told of this familial duo. Megan’s chemistry with fellow actor is delightfully obvious and which brother (reel or real) wouldn’t dote on her especially with that endearing smile. The ever radiant Megan’s spot in the limelight is fast approaching and we as fans will be there to see it come to fruition.

3 thoughts on “Rising Starlet: Megan Guinan

  1. She is a knockout and seems very down to earth. I enjoy every minute she appears in Limitless. I think she will have a great career.

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