6 TV Vixens To Crave – October 2015

1. Carrie Coon in “The Leftovers”


– Whether in colour or monochrome, the mesmeric Carrie has an eternal elegance that evokes memories of the actresses from the Golden Era Of Hollywood.
– Already her role as Nora has won rapturous support from fans and her shift from a damaged woman who lost everything to new stepmom with a promising family dynamic in Season 2 will gain her even more plaudits.
– Exciting and phenomenal have been compliments bestowed upon Carrie as her multi-faceted screen performances are being passionately embraced.

2. Liana Mendoza in “American Horror Story: Hotel”

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– It’s time a sexy Latina spice things up on the “American Horror Story” franchise and we’re all in high anticipation to find out Liana Mendoza’s juicy role come October 7th.
– She may not have given up much about her character but Liana is proving to be the ultimate temptation and that means we’re hooked even before the series return of AHS!
– Besides her glowing sensuality and drop dead gorgeous curves, Liana has the innate dedication to succeed which means she’s a cert on our desirable list.

3. Krista Marie Yu in “Dr Ken”


– Without a doubt, Krista Marie Yu is a true rising starlet in her own right and she’s wowing the world as evidenced by the buzz she’s garnered this week alone.
– She is of course playing the teen daughter of Ken Jeong’s Dr Ken in his new comedy series that will surely propel her into the spotlight as a blossoming comedienne.
– Fronting the new generation of Asian talents who are making a splash on TV, falling in love with the ebullient Krista is surely now a must!

4. Lauren Myers in “Manhattan”

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– The Second Season of “Manhattan” may be more than a week away but the time is ripe to rave about Lauren Myers who was such an enchanting vision on the show.
– She shone as Jeannie, the WAC/prostitute who is as much a fighter as she is a lover with her noteworthy performance being rated as one of the best on television.
– From thrilling horror films to enthralling drama, Lauren’s versatility is becoming a hit with audiences as their affection for her is going to sky-rocket!

5. Audrey Moore in “Manhattan”

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– When it comes to “Manhattan”, it’s going to be double the viewing pleasure as the luscious Audrey Moore makes her return alongside the already mentioned Lauren.
– She has such lovable features that we find it easy to express ardor for this sweetheart and can’t wait to see the evolution of her character Francine.
– There’s an authentic warmth when it comes to describing Audrey and her positivity ensures she’s a delight whether on or off screen.

6. Dana Delorenzo in “Ash Vs Evil Dead”

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– Dana has been a fixture on this blog and why not when she has massive talent be it as a screen siren, comedienne or a musician.
– Famed for being the lead singer of “House Of Winehouse” in paying tribute to the late Amy Winehouse, she’s crafting her own legacy with her lead role in “Ash Vs Evil Dead”.
– As the feisty Kelly Maxwell, she’s more than a match for Bruce Campbell’s Ash or even those Deadites and her intense wit coupled with potent charm is set to install her as a fan favourite!

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