Sizzling Cutie: Taylor Coffman

It’s October and we find ourselves fixating yet again on the ladies of TV Land with the luscious Taylor Coffman brightening up our week. She plays Helen, a very endearing waitress on the new series “Life In Pieces” and while her scenes are short, they’re definitely sweetly tinged with awkward charm humour. Her quips with John (James Brolin), the patriach of a multi-generational family in guessing his favourite cocktail becomes a running joke and quite a cute one too. Comeliness is certainly a trait Taylor’s blessed with, her smile captivates from first glance. Earlier this year, Taylor had a recurring role on the 2nd Season of another hit “Silicon Valley” and while her character was belittled somewhat, she’s more than likeable.

Great to see her having her own blog: where there’s juicy morsels of her features past, present and future and as a fellow blogger, it’s fascinating info to digest. It’s no secret I adore blondes and with Taylor’s geniality radiating so purely, many viewers will be fond of her in no time. We would love to see her as the hard to resist paramour of a love story in the near future. Can’t wait to catch up with Taylor and find more interesting nuggets about her. Meanwhile let’s celebrate Taylor, the budding starlet with a nascent appeal that’s likely to be held dear.

Visit the TAYLOR COFFMAN OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest news.

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