Sizzling Cutie: Paton Ashbrook

Addiction to television usually means getting hooked on the women gracing the small screen and Paton Ashbrook is certainly easy on the eyes. This week she’ll be dispensing her glowing charisma on many a viewer as she guest-stars on “Limitless” which has achieved impressive ratings. “Limitless” might only be 3 episodes strong and already there’s lovely faces such as the fetching Paton inculcating what will soon be a passionate viewing.

Here’s Paton revealing more about her experience working on “Limitless” and what she’s up to in her time at the prestigious Juilliard School:

Let’s see, on Limitless I had the pleasure of playing in a scene opposite the show’s great actors, Jake McDorman, Jennifer Carpenter, and Hill Harper. Everyone was so generous and kind to me, it was an amazing experience to have on my first union network gig. My director, Guillermo Navarro, was incredible; he’s an oscar winning cinematographer (Pan’s Labyrinth) and a wonderfully talented leader on the set. He has this great easy energy about him that makes you feel centered even when everything around you is moving at lightning speed. I feel so lucky to have been involved for just one day on that set, and I’m excited to see where the show goes next.

As for upcoming projects, I’m currently finishing up my last year at the Juilliard School, which is a year dedicated to transitioning into the industry, so I’m taking a lot of master classes with knowledgable professionals like casting directors, agents, managers, and fellow actors. My next play at Juilliard is Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia directed by Lila Neugebauer, where I get to play Lady Croom. That goes up December 16-20th and you can get tickets here: After that I’ll be playing Betty in John Guare’s Landscape of the Body, directed by Evan Cabnet, which goes up February 12-21st and tickets are here:

With eyes on the arena of television and her emergence on a buzzworthy show like “Limitless”, Paton may just be on the cusp of a breakthrough role. We are more than eager to see the next stage of her dazzling journey on film.

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