Indie Darling: Marcelle Bowman

The comely Marcelle Bowman is one to keep your adoring sights on as she’ll be ramping up interest throughout the month of October. She stars in “Eaters” which is now out on DVD, a story in the vein of “The Vanishing” with a supernatural twist thrown in. Sometimes the evil that spirits do is far more terrifying than a zombie apocalypse or are the villains of the piece in fact human with a predilection for mass killing?

Here’s Marcelle giving us an insight into her character in “Eaters”:

I play the lead female role of Alice Woodward in “Eaters”. Alice is a small town girl who wants what most girls want…to settle down with the man of her dreams and start a life. This road trip changes her life forever. She has to dig in and find the courage to try to survive through some horrific events. The filming of Eaters was intense but very memorable…best summer of our lives. Lots of long, blistering hot and sweaty days but I’m really proud of what we accomplished.
I just finished filming “Good Night, Sleep Tight” ( directed by Johnny Tabor from “Eaters”) another horror film where I play the challenging lead female role of Maya Stevens. It was fun to be reunited with some of the members of the “Eaters” cast. It felt like being with family.

I also have a YouTube Sketch comedy channel called The Senate about to launch either this week or next. I’m very excited to switch gears from all the blood and sweat of horror films to the world of comedy.

As Alice in “Eaters”, Marcelle does get all dirty and bloody so kudos to her dedication to what is an intense role. After viewing her reel (above), it was a pleasant surprise to see Marcelle as a sensual vision in “Arcane”, one of her short films. She’s indeed a sexy actress with a range of facets that will generate fascination in no time. Everyone should know by now know how affable indie actresses are and Marcelle is a talented lady with a most approachable disposition. From Scream Queen to blossoming comedienne, Marcelle has the charisma to be a flourishing success.

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