Hotties On Film, DVD and TV – Oct 12 2015

1. Emily Swallow in “Supernatural”


– In riveting fashion, the ravishing Emily makes her entrance into the lore of Supernatural as the foxy yet malevolent entity known as Amara aka The Darkness!
– From the buzz that’s going around, she’s certainly sizzling up the popular show with reviewers applauding its 11 Season as Scary Just Got Sexy all thanks to Emily.
– Having made her mark on “The Mentalist”, this kissable cutie is a honey the TV fanboys are going to be raving about in 2015 and beyond.

2. Nicole Coulon in “Fan Girl “

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– Nicole is playing the Instagram ready Mean Girl Holly in “Fan Girl” and is a revelation in the skin of the cruel girl who would make Rachel McAdams proud!
– Great to see her so cosy with leading lady Kiernan Shipka on a number of red carpets as the duo front Young Hollywood with such verve.
– Mesmerising from head to toe, the photogenic Nicole is likely to garner a amorous following as her star glows in Tinseltown.

3. Renny Grames in “Just Let Go”

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– One of the most captivating women in indie cinema, golden-haired blonde Renny Grames is a lady with the enigmatic hallmark of a screen siren.
– It’s no wonder she’s playing Jillian the romantic interest who offers sage advice to the damaged protagonist Chris in the emotionally wrought drama “Just Let Go”.
– Her radiant smile is more than enough to melt many a heart and Renny should easily attain a most endearing level of desirability.

4. Bertila Damas in “NCIS: Los Angeles”

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– In keeping with her Cuban roots, Bertila is both a dignified enchantress and a charmer in the collection of multi-faceted roles she’s done.
– Bertila is one dangerous lady in her guest-starring role on the new season of “NCIS: Los Angeles” as she memorably trade blows with LL Cool J.
– Her turn as Pilar, the Latin woman with an extensive knowledge of the supernatural on “Grimm” became quite the hit with audiences.

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