Sizzling Cutie: Cleo Handler

It’s gratifying to be fixated on the women of television especially when pretty faces such as the luminous Cleo Handler pops up on the small screen. Catch the beguiling Cleo in the crime drama “Public Morals” set in the 1960s where fedora-sporting, wise-cracking cops are trying to rid New York of its vices. In one of the episodes, her character has been called cute and gorgeous in the same breadth as well as breaking out into an endearing dance routine. Now how can we not love her after that and Cleo is luscious personified with her fashionable 60s threads and charismatic free-spirit. You’ll probably be hooked on her seductively husky voice too! Thanks to Cleo our fascination with all things retro is proliferating.

Here’s Cleo giving us a glimpse of her recurring role in “Public Morals” as well as her upcoming features:

The role is “Barbara,” and I play Deirdre (Lyndon Smith)’s roommate and best friend. She’s a single, independent, college grad from Connecticut, unlike many of the characters on the show, so she provides an interesting contrast / outside perspective on their world. At first, she may seem a bit judgmental but I think she’s really just a smart, ambitious girl who is looking out for her best friend. (She is in episodes 2,4,6,9,&10 if you wanna check them out by the way )
some other projects of mine include “young like us,” a musical webseries I created / starred in, which you can find online at, as well as a bunch of other things I’m currently writing…at the moment, I’m acting in a play called “Blue Surge” in NY, playing a character called Beth!

On her way to be a budding star, Cleo also happens to be a writer and singer. We would love to see her as a leading lady in a future TV show where she can enchant us with her full spectrum of feminine wiles onscreen.

Check out her wealth of media including her songs at the CLEO HANDLER OFFICIAL SITE.

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