Hotties On Film, DVD and TV – Oct 15 2015

1. Katrina Bowden in “Public Morals”


– It’s obvious Katrina has attained Sex Symbol Status as Fortune, the sexy high-end call girl and leading lady of “Public Morals”.
– Lady luck is definitely smiling all over Katrina in 2015 as she cements herself as one of the covetable women to have graced television.
– She may be a tease for the eyes but this gal is proving to be a big draw for audiences with her heavenly looks and for having instilled riveting depth into her roles.

2. Rachel Alig in “Ghostline”

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– We can’t stop bestowing adulation on the women of indie cinema especially when they come in the form of the seductive Rachel Alig.
– One of the busiest actresses in the industry, she’s making a name for herself in a variety of features and her drop-dead gorgeous curves ensures massive devotion.
– In the horror film “Ghostline”, she infuses her character Chelsea Watkins with an admirable intensity in order to protect her loved one, proving herself as a must-watch talent.

3. Lynn Adrianna in “You’re The Worst”

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– Lynn has appeared in hit shows such as “Jane The Virgin” and “Sons Of Anarchy” with her comeliness being one of her many attractive facets.
– Slated to guest-star in the 2nd Season of “You’re The Worst”, she’ll be giving us an endearing glimpse of her abilities as an up and coming comedienne.
– It was her scene-stealing moments on the indie drama “Godspeed” that made her so enticing and it’s time the bubbly Lynn gets lauded once again.

4. Brooke Coleman in “Criminal Minds”


– Once a cutie, always a cutie and Brooke Coleman has the unmistakable adorable nature that’s known to be a gravitational pull for viewers.
– Already into its 11th Season, “Criminal Minds” is very much a popular show which means keeping an eye out for Brooke’s maiden appearance this week.
– If you’re into Hayden Panettiere then there’s more room in your heart to fall in love with Brooke, a potential screen darling.

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