The Women To Crave @ The Geekie Awards 2015


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– Kristen Nedopak is one of the most influential and important women of our time who as the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER / CREATIVE DIRECTOR / CEO of THE GEEKIE AWARDS is the ultimate HEROINE for Independent Creators Across The Globe!
– She should by now be regarded as a Sex Symbol too and while I may not have managed to get an interview this time around with her, this article is a glowing tribute to the Goddess Of All Things Creative, the ravishing Kristen Nedopak.
– Kristen is an immense reason why I hold female talents in high reverence and just like the Mother Of Dragons, we are in awe of Kristen, The Breaker Of Chains as she ensures our creative voices resonate.

Briana Lane, Jessika Van & Laura Ortiz in “The Real Housewives of Horror”


– Briana is the potently alluring mix of sensual verve and comely innocence who sizzles as soon as she graces the screen.
– She plays Roxanne, a serial killer in the vein of Dexter and her sexy facade is the last thing you’ll see before you bloody ending!
– You may have already seen Briana alongside Halle Berry in “Extant” these past weeks and there’s no doubt we will be indefinitely pining for her.


– One of the most adorable actresses on the planet, Jessika is impeccable when it comes to essaying an array of women and she’s thoroughly eye-catching.
– She plays Yuri, the possessed housewife who comes with really scary beady eyes and demon-enhanced maniacal behaviour!
– The upcoming “Rush Hour” TV series should thrust her into the limelight in 2016 and should be the year the world falls head over heels with her.


– Just like Sarah Hyland, Laura is blessed with virginal looks that never seems to age and a honeyed voice that’s pure delight.
– She plays Gabrielle, the conniving and rather ruthless gossip queen with the inside track on horror happenings including who is killing who!
– Laura is a witty actress, often embellishing her characters with wickedly funny humour yet having a sustainable appeal that’s so desirable.


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