Hottest Indie Darlings @ NYC Independent Film Fest 2015

1. Amelia Meyers in “Show Business”

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– Amelia is the personification of sizzling cuteness and she’s the leading lady of the film “Show Business” as Cassandra, the fiancé of a pessimistic Hollywood screenwriter.
– In 2015, Amelia was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Milan International Film Festival alongside Selma Blair and Zoe Kravitz in her category for her film “Show Business”.
– Her delectable charisma onscreen assures audiences will be enamoured with Amelia as she ascends into a swoon-worthy talent.

2. Lindsay Heath in “The Decisive Moment”


– Lindsay etched herself into comic book lore as Barbara Gordon in “Batgirl Rises” giving an authentic and complex depth to her iconic Batgirl.
– We all hope Lindsay gets to meld into the DC Cinematic Universe whether on the big screen or in a TV series as she’s blessed with feminine wiles.
– You can catch her in the romantic short “The Decisive Moment” as a beautiful optimistic girl who meets her opposite in the form of a shy photographer.

3. Whitney Able in “Dark”


– Whitney is by far one of the most riveting actresses of this generation and it’s fitting she’s been in the spotlight on this blog numerous times.
– In the nocturnal thriller “Dark”, she’s strikingly enthralling as a young woman stuck in New York during the 2003 blackout.
– She’s excelled in the guise of women thrust into daunting situations and should be regarded as one of the must-watch talents for years to come.

4. Hannah Leder in “Auto-Cowrecked”

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– The very charming Hannah is both directing and starring in “Auto-Cowrecked”, the story that revolves around a man whose phone turns his life upside down.
– Enchantingly lissome and graceful, the multi-talented Hannah has already made her dazzling presence felt on shows such as “The Comeback” and “Revenge”.
– Look out for her in the upcoming comedy series “Love” to be released in 2016 as she will surely captivate alongside Gillian Jacobs of “Community” fame.

5. Stephanie Erb in “The Whistler”


– Sexy Stephanie has enough of the naughty and nice poise to keep any viewer coming back for more with some fearless portrayals in her luminous career.
– Catch her as a Nurse with questionable intent in “The Whistler”, a story of insanity meets dark comedy when a famed orchestral conductor is released from the mental asylum.
– I was blessed and honoured to have been able to do an interview with Stephanie and I have to say she gets more even more ravishing by the day!

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