ScreamFest 2015 Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Tirra Dent

With her pixie lusciousness, Tirra Dent is set to garner a growing fanbase as her bewitching essence gains traction in the indie genre. She stars as BJ in the rape/revenge thriller “Demons In The Dark” which is screening at this year’s Screamfest and being a horror fan, Tirra has me hooked! This comely, alabaster-skinned beauty plays the prostitute who’s had enough with people who have wronged her and dispenses bloody justice in the tradition of films such as “I Spit On Your Grave”. Tirra is both seductive and terrifying in the skin of this hot mess of a troubled woman as she puts the fear in trembling sexual predators.

Here’s Tirra revealing more about her compelling role in “Demons In The Dark” and some of her future projects.

“DITD” was such a great challenge. My character was way too much fun to play, I was able to bring my theatre background into creating her with my bold dramatic character choices such as her voice and body movements and combine that with the filmatic touches of her layers upon layers of emotional subtleties, so we as an audience never really knows what she might do or become next, such fun to keep myself and the world around her on our toes, haha. “DITD”, is really at the core of things a story about a woman trying to get back the part of her that was once brutally taken from her, which if you listen closely she tells this story through a poem that she delivers at a very pinnacle moment, haha. This character was a thrill to play; to be able to look at the world through her eyes was terrifying yet empowering.

I’ve personally always been too imaginative and sensitive to watch horror films (chicken shit) but to be able to create them and be the part of this film that has the power to terrify is an extremely rewarding experience. The team of Sandcastle productions was a dream to work with letting me really create and play with my role, there was a lot of experimentation and freedom which was a blessing and is the reason why this character is so different and intriguing. Even to myself as I watch this film I get caught up in truly believing in this poor soul’s torture, pain, and pleasure.

I have a couple projects that you can watch out for, “Gastown” by Red Castle Films, “13 Steps” by Numinous Productions and “Glass” by Brivido Giallo Productions which I am actually nominated for best actress in LA’s Maverick movie awards 2015 and have won best actress in California’s an anti-hero production genre fest 2015

Being Canadian, Tirra is a darling in my heart and just like the lead singers of bands such as “Purity Ring” and “Electric Youth”, she exudes a delectably chic X-factor. She’s more than capable of pulling off enticingly versatile looks whether on camera or print. It’s won’t be long before Tirra is rocking the world in sizzling fashion!

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