ScreamFest 2015 Spotlight: Indie Queen Julia Parker

Elegantly sexy women are often put on a pedestal of appreciation and Julia Parker is laudably captivating. With her charismatic desirability, it’s a must to catch her in “Don’t Let Them In”, the eerie tale of Black Eyed Kids who come knocking late at night. A consummate host and actress on TV as well as film, Julia is fostering ardor in various genres including horror. Julia makes it so easy to love her and you already know why I’m so enthused with blondes as would those who’ve come across her work. She’s consistently an alluring presence on red carpets and with the ScreamFest premiere of her short film “Don’t Let Them In”, glowing reviews for her will be streaming in.

Julia was commended for her emotionally driven performance in the 2014 film “Grace Of God”, her finesse as a dramatic actress a joy to be seen. It’s no wonder that every year faith-based films such as the 2015 film “War Room” is ranking at the top of the box office although Julia’s versatility ensures she’s fascinating in stories of varying tones. Red is also certainly a favourable colour on Julia (see pic above) and her gorgeous curves accentuate her many lustrous attributes. It is time we cherish the endearment that Julia so invitingly conveys.

Keep up with all the latest news at the JULIA PARKER OFFICIAL SITE

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