ScreamFest 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Erika Macke

We are blessed to be able to fawn over indie sweethearts and Erika Macke is genuinely fetching as she is talented. She’s the star of the dramatic horror short “Dough” which is premiering at ScreamFest and how I wish I was there in person to see her performance. As the runaway Mary, she stumbles upon a secluded farm house only to be the catalyst of a terror that’s been hidden. In this age of horror, it’s great to see the female lead such as Erika’s character being compellingly poised to captivate.

Here’s Erika giving us an insight into her role in “Dough” as well as a glimpse of her upcoming project:

I play a girl on the run who stumbles across what she thinks to be a safe haven, when she discovers another terrible secret. She’s vulnerable, trusting still with hesitancy. She’s wildly compassionate and brave. Working with writer/director Julian Vlcan for his USC MFA Thesis was a really memorable experience… Table talk was liberating as he let me build it on my own, and gently offered ideas of his own to mold it – a creative freedom that isn’t often given. He’s a very secure and self-assured artist and that definitely colors a project a certain way I believe. A thoughtful approach inspires me to let go and follow yet with the feeling as though I’m leading while being able to maintain my own instincts. It was a very rich experience.

Next up, I have a part in a Gary Walkow (The Trouble With Dick, Crashing) feature titled “Be My Baby” – a really fun, sexually free character. I like to play and I’m truly grateful when fun writing comes along to explore these different characters.

Seeing how she has a predilection for free-spirited roles, Erika could well turn into a multi-faceted actress with an endearing semblance of promise.

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