Horror Starlets To Crave @ ScreamFest 2015

1. Carly Jones & Melia Renee in “The Thing In The Apartment”

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– We are addicted to Scream Queens what with them coming in the sumptuous form of rising starlets Melia Renee and Carly Jones. Both appear in the horror short “The Thing In The Apartment” as young women who are ambushed by something not of this earth!
– Cute as a button Carly Jones will take on the mantle of a killer in her upcoming film “Battered”, showcasing her screen dexterity to shine in a range of roles.
– Melia’s memorably foxy turn as Valerie, the flirtatious step-niece in the darkly funny “Uncle Nick” should have tongues wagging and install her as one of the sexiest indie darlings.

2. Olivia Taylor Dudley in “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension”


– Olivia follows up her creepy and riveting performance as the Anti-Christ in the blood-filled “The Vatican Tapes” with another foray into the supernatural in the supposed finale of the “Paranormal Activity” franchise.
– She stars as Skyler who is part of a family who moved into the house where young Katie and Kristi grew up with the inevitable demonic spirits showing up to wreak havoc once more.
– There is an inkling that she could be the next “Olivia Wilde” (besides having similar first names) especially since she will be seen in the upcoming TV series “The Magicians” which has a Harry Potter-esque tone.

3. The Sizzling Women Of “The Labyrinth”


We are in awe of Beth Grant for she’s an intriguingly accomplished character actress and her return as Beverly in Season 4 of “The Mindy Project” will be much anticipated.


Nicole Laliberte has a very distinctive look steeped on such a sultry level and her penchant for essaying damaged women on screen is why we can’t stop raving about her


With her doll-like beauty, Lindsay LaVanchy continues to be on the cusp of adoration and this comely blonde is steadily making inroads as an indie starlet.


Exotic highness Jessica Luza is abundantly easy on the eyes so make sure you tune in for her guest-starring role on the 2nd Season of “Satifaction” in November.


Dale Raoul is a screen siren thanks to absorbing turns on “Under The Dome” and “True Blood” so expect her to be a leading light on TV/Film for years to come.


The perennial captivator Lisa Roumain is an award-winning actress and her sultriness establishes a magnetic factor that’s certain to attract a wide section of viewers.

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