Rising Starlets To Watch @ Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2015

1. Jessica Vano in “The Demolisher”


– Jessica could soon be one of the most cherished indie actresses in 2015 as her enthralling performance in “The Demolisher” will garner her laudatory reviews.
– In the gripping film “The Demolisher”, she’s wonderfully captivating as Marie, the unfortunate young woman who get entangled in the violent justice meted out by a retribution-seeking repairman/madman!
– Endorsed by Director Gabriel Carrer, Jessica is both elegant and unafraid to take punishment onscreen, a sure sign this dedicated Canadian Cutie is on the rise!

2. Kate Alden in “The Hollow One”


– With her film “The Hollow One” being anointed as one of the TOP 5 PICK at this year’s Toronto After Dark Film Fest, Kate is gaining meritorious affinity from audiences.
– Kate’s ability to be delicately emotive in the facade of her tormented character Rachel Wade is compelling as she plays a woman who discovers a sinister force close to home.
– Having shone in another film with sci-fi origins called “The Device”, she also endearingly guest-starred on “The Librarians” which will be returning for Season 2.

3. Melissa Nearman in “Patchwork”


– You can easily embrace Melissa as a honey of the horror genre as she has the cuteness to beguile each and every one of us.
– Melissa can be seen in the Frankenstein meets Slice Of The Lambs comedy horror flick “Patchwork” that sees 3 women terrifyingly being stitched together into 1 ghastly body.
– She will transition from dark to light comedy in her upcoming feature called “We Want Some”, a tale about the frustrating sex life of a couple.

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