Exclusive Interview with Foxy Femme Bianca Rutigliano

One can only gaze at the swoon-worthy Bianca Rutigliano and affirm that modern television has the most ravishing faces on the planet. She’s set to stir hearts with her appearance on “Benders”, the hockey themed comedy that’s as raunchy as its is hilarious. I am blessed to get to chat with the genial Bianca and here’s the interview with her:

1. Give us a tease of your role in “Benders” and what’s the best part of playing your character Kelly?

Kelly is the snarky bartender at Maggie Mae’s which is frequented by the main characters. It was a small part but Kelly is strong and has no problem putting these raucous boys in their place. I bartend in real life so it felt like Kelly was an extension of myself with some extra edge.

2. Can you tell us your experience being on the set of “Benders” and if there are any memorable moments?

The set of Benders was too much fun, I was waiting for things to suck and it just never happened. I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience on a television set. My most memorable moment was getting to improv with Jim Norton. It was definitely intimidating at first but he made it really easy for me, he’s the best of the best in comedy and it was such an honor to work with him.

3. Why do you think women are having such a great run in comedy and what do you hope to achieve as a comedienne?

Well we all know women have always been funny. I grew up watching performers like Lucille Ball, Meg Ryan, and Sandra Bernhard. They all had me rolling on the floor laughing as a kid. What I see happening now is an increase of funny characters written for women and a generation of empowered female writers. It’s about damn time! I don’t consider myself a comedienne, I don’t do standup and Kelly was my first comedic role. I’m most passionate about darker characters but i’ve always been told that I’m a funny person. I think being raised in NYC has given me this dry sense of humour that follows me around wherever I go.

4. Besides comedy, what is the one other genre you love to be part of and why?

Comedy or drama, I’ll take what i can get but I’d love to do both. I’ve always felt this pull towards playing dramatic characters with lots of depth. Someone please cast me as a tortured villain!

5. Please give us some juicy insights into your upcoming projects.

I just finished filming two features: “The One Closest to You” (a thriller) and “Blue Blood and Broke” (a comedy). I’m so excited to see both hit the festival circuit.

In “Benders”, Bianca has some scene stealing scenes with the creepy Brian Beale (Jim Norton) who keeps hitting on her ad nauseam and their banter is sure to have viewers chuckling. Her sultry voice and striking beauty reminds me of fellow hottie Laura Prepon of “Orange Is The New Black” and if I were a betting man, Bianca would be right at home if she snagged a part on OITNB someday. She does excel in portraying the abrasive nature of her character Kelly and expect her to arouse your senses in the months ahead. If there’s one lady who could get you all excited then the stunning Bianca would be an actress to crave.

2 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with Foxy Femme Bianca Rutigliano

  1. Watched the 2 episodes that Bianca has been on and its hard to take your eyes off her when
    she is on the screen, one can only hope that we’ll see more or her on Benders or for that
    matter any place else.

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