Orlando Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Jen Pogue

The allure of Canadian actresses keeps growing and thanks to the engaging Jen Pogue, audiences are in for a treat. She has all the tenets of a Miss Congeniality and she can be seen in “Chasing Valentine” which screens at this year’s Orlando Film Festival. Her quirky exuberance onscreen has often dazzled the arenas of film, television, theatre, voice over, and the web series platform.

Here’s the lovely Jen describing more about her part in “Chasing Valentine” and some of her upcoming projects:

My role in Chasing Valentine is based off of a character that I play in Navin Ramaswaran’s short film called “Seek” that we made a few years ago. “Chasing Valentine” is a continuation of that story. It follows Chase after he has lost the love of his life, Scarlet (Me). My part isn’t huge, but Scarlet is sort of always present in the film as Chase carries her memory around with him. We’re very excited for Chasing Valentine to hit the festival circuit! It was absolutely a labour of love with so many hard working people involved and dedicating their time — I really hope it goes far and wide and does everyone proud.

I have another film coming out in January in theatres across North America! It’s called “The Masked Saint” — http://themaskedsaint.com A different sort of genre (Faith Based Family Drama) but I’m so proud of this production as well. I think audiences will be pleasantly surprised. I play a down-in-luck house wife/mom who is next door neighbours with “The Masked Saint” himself.

I also have a fun role in the horror creature feature “Silent Retreat” which was released last year and is available on Amazon & DVD. Lastly, you can catch me on upcoming episodes of PBS’ “Odd Squad”, Discovery Channel’s “Fear Thy Neighbor”, & various skits on the web series “The Gay Woman Channel”.

While Jen may not be at the Orlando Film Fest this week, she’s expected to attend a screening and awards gala for “Chasing Valentine” in Milan, Italy. That’s certainly a glitzy place to be seen and heard so expect media attention to come her way. With Halloween just over a week away, Jen’s film “Silent Retreat” has to be on top in a list of horror movies to watch seeing how it garnered an impressive Best Canadian Feature Award at Toronto After Dark. Her flexibility across all genres is likely to be a big draw too as will be her endearing facets. A thriving career is just around the corner for the beautiful Jen Pogue.

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