Orlando Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Indie Darling Jennifer Faith Ward

Film Festivals often introduce upcoming actresses with sparkling potential and Jennifer Faith Ward is having a dazzling run this week. She’s starring in the mystery drama “The Happiest Place On Earth” which evokes a refreshing spin on movies such as “The Vanishing”. Watch Jennifer shine as the once happy wife who is beset by the emotional toll that deepens with her husband’s perplexing disappearance. She’s also in the horror flick “America In The Shadows” which means she’s going to be double the viewing pleasure at the Orlando Film Fest 2015.

Here’s Jennifer giving us a tease of her role in “In The Happiest Place On Earth” and her brand new feature:

In The Happiest Place On Earth I play Maggie Price. She and her husband Jonah are in full pursuit of the American dream. This leads them to purchase a house they can’t really afford. It’s manageable until Jonah loses his job and has difficulty finding another one. They were also trying to start a family and Maggie watches her dreams crumble before her as they struggle to make ends meet. This puts a strain on their relationship. She advises Jonah to go on a camping trip, one of his favorite pastimes, so that he can regroup and start fresh when he comes back. The problem is, Jonah doesn’t come back. He’s missing. And that is when Maggie’s nightmare truly begins.

The other project that I have coming up is called Finding Eden. The official trailer was just released last month and the producers are taking the film to the American Film Market next month. In the film I play Lisa, the wife of the main character, Adam. The earth is dying and Adam and I are trying to protect our son, Sam, in the ultimate fight for survival.

Besides the zombie sub-genre, apocalyptic films are a must-see what with their focus on the human condition when faced with an impending threat. It’s great to bear witness to this shift in making female characters an important driver to the ominous end of the world event. Noticeably, her relatable traits ensures audiences will be rooting for Jennifer in her many facades on screen.

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