Foxy Femme: Yelena Sabel

Triple threat screen vixen Yelena Sabel is set to be a perennial temptation as she leaves her most enticing mark on the indie scene. Her film “Sex, Blood and Fairy Tales” sees Yelena as the leading lady, director and writer of what is an award-winning tale of a woman having to choose between prison time or selling her soul. She’s more than just a turn on as Vera who gets roped into a money laundering scheme and a life as a hooker in this entertaining dark comedy. Yelena’s pneumatic curves can inveigle the best of us and this busty Ukraine-born hottie is surely a name on the steady rise as well as on her way to be a Sex Symbol.

At the International Film Festival Manhattan, “Sex, Blood and Fairy Tales” has already won the most popular film award and this recognition for Yelena is proof she’s a blossoming visionary. Kudos to Yelena for being Asian-friendly when it comes to casting talent in her movies as she has done on “Sex, Blood and Fairy Tales”. We should be celebrating her graciousness especially in this era of film which calls out for more diverse faces to enthral audiences. Yelena herself has that Eastern-European allure very much in the vein of a young Monica Bellucci and complimented by her creative talents, she’s a fascinating name we will be hearing a lot more of…:)

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