Indie Horror Starlets To Crave @ Crypticon Minneapolis

Jennifer Prettyman


– A genuine angel of the indie horror scene, Jennifer has delved into a variety of genres and has notably beguile in dramatic roles which showcased her captivating veneer.
– Here’s Jennifer revealing more about her role in “The Escape” and “A Cursed Coven”:

In my film The Escape my character is running for her life as she is chased by a madman. I wrote, directed, & starred in this film, & Roxanne Williams helped me produce it. It is screening tonight at Crypticon before the film A Cursed Coven., which I have a role in, along with Rachel Grubb, & Sarah French (who you know). Ries Dahlquist is the producer. It’s about 2 sister’s & their friends who uncover the truth about their heritage & a dark family curse. I play Rikki, Rachel’s boss in the film.

– Fans can get to connect with her at Crypticon as she will be there all weekend from Friday to Sunday so expect her to steal quite a few hearts.

Sarah French


– Sarah is an esteemed guest at Crypticon and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to gaze longingly at this blonde bombshell and Scream Queen.
– With her 2 movies namely “Insectula!” and “A Cursed Coven” screening and the fact she’s gracing Crypticon with such potent sensuality, this voluptuous blonde is a magnet for fandom.
– Citing Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira as influential, Sarah exudes her own charismatic glow every time she takes the screen proving she’s a cut above!

Rachel Grubb


– Vintage Goddess and Horror Princess Rachel Grubb is an addiction for many around the world as she has a distinctive allure that’s ultimately eye-catching.
– She’s the bewitching lead in “A Cursed Coven” playing one of 2 sisters who discover their legacy as witches that come with a dark family curse.
– Rachel is one of the most photogenic actresses to emerge from the indie horror scene and she has the classic beauty as well dazzling poise to delight audiences.

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