Orlando Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Kendall Chappell

If there’s one genre that consistently produces darlings of the screen, it has to be indie cinema and Kendall Chappell is one of the new faces that could well illuminate it. At this year’s Orlando Film Fest, catch Kendall in the racially-charged short film “To Police” that’s set to provoke discussion. With her hard to resist girl-next-door warmth a deluge of fascination should be heading her way pretty soon.

Here’s Kendall giving us an insight into her role in “To Police” and her upcoming feature:

My role in To Police is entirely a supporting role of one of the main characters who is going through a highly controversial moment in life. He is a white police officer that has seriously injured a black kid. I act solely as a support system while the film looks deeper into the issues that arise around him.

In regards to other projects, I’ve been very busy working on a lot of short and Indie films. I’m very excited about my next two films that will be shooting in November. One is called The Translator and I’ll be speaking a lot of French (which will be a fun challenge), while getting into a very intimate- though not romantic- place with a man who has just lost his wife, and is dealing with the funeral arrangements with his brother-in-law.

The other is called Ambulance and follows a young woman new in the world of being an EMT. She goes through an emotional rollercoaster while trying to save, and then eventually losing, one of her first…patients? Is that the right word? Almost directly after, she and her partner get caught up in a sticky situation involving injured that work in an illegal industry. Very heavy stuff.

While she may be at the inception of her career, Kendall has received positive sentiment for her work as the lead in several short films. There’s plenty yet to come from this endearing young lady and we can’t wait for Kendall to garner more screen time so we can feel giddy with fondness for her.

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