Atlanta Horror Film Fest 2015 Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Rebecca Amzallag

The incredible rise of Canadian actresses is well deserved and the love affair we have for them continues with the alluring Rebecca Amzallag. Making a luscious contribution to film, she’s a honey from head to toe and will be appearing in the horror tale “The Man in the Shadows” premiering at this year’s Atlanta Horror Film Fest. Based on the myth of Shadow People lurking in dark recesses, a newlywed photographer Rachel Darwin (Sarah Jurgens) discovers that she’s being stalked by an unknown entity in a brimmed hat. Are Shadow beings real or is she just descending into insanity? Be sure to catch Rebecca in her supporting role as Sally to find out the fate of her character.This could be the most epic Halloween ever with lovely up and coming talents such as Rebecca making their presence felt to every horror fan around the world.

In her previous horror feature “Scumbag”, Rebecca proved to a temptation as MacKenzie Lewis who becomes the mistress of a man who works at a cosmetics research company. Things start going downhill when he tests a new skin cream derived from snail mucus which causes a dramatic transformation that is as shocking as it is a turn-off for her! Rebecca has also appeared in the Lifetime Thriller “A Sister’s Revenge” alongside Ashley Jones of “True Blood” fame. In Vera Farmiga like fashion, Rebecca has the soulful blue eyes to steal hearts and she’ll very likely be viewed with utmost avidity. Noted for being a vibrant performer,the lissome Rebecca is well poised to be one of the precious starlets of the indie scene.

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