Exclusive Interview With Rising Starlet Annette Wozniak

Screen darling Annette Wozniak is a blossoming actress who is bound to stir plenty of affection as she’s making waves by starring in one of the most compelling indie horror films of 2015. She may be the definitive mean girl in “Bite” but it’s often the good ones that delves wholeheartedly into such a horrid role. As I’ve mentioned to Annette, even the endearing Natalie Portman went over to the dark side when she starred in “Black Swan” and likewise Annette enthralls in the wickedness of her character. On her way to be a dazzling prospect from Canada, her desirability in the coming months will see a healthy growth indeed!

Read on to find out more about her role in Bite and some juicy reveals about her upcoming feature “Secret Santa”:

1. Can you give us the juicy details about your role as Jill in “Bite” and what do you think she adds to this hot mess of a body horror flick?

I think my character Jill adds a lot of curiosity to the audience. As the film progresses we see how manipulative and just downright horrible Jill is. But to the audience, they don’t know who the real villain of the film is. Is it Jill, the two-faced best friend? Or is it Casey (Elma Begovic) as she loses herself in her transformation from human to creature. Jill’s story is about all the horrible things she does to her best friend Casey. These things are meant to add more stress to Casey’s Transformation, thus Casey lets her human mental stability go, which ultimately makes her succumb to her brand new monster like being. Not to mention Jill is pretty awful to Kirsten (Denise Yuen) as well. Got to love those fake, catty friendships! It’s almost like how people deal with traumatic stress. A matter of the heart (in Casey’s situation) brings havoc to the mind and body. There are many layers to this film, as well as all its characters. Don’t even get me started on the living transformation of Casey’s apartment, the fantastic cinematography (Jeff Maher) and Chad Archibald’s directing of BITE.

2. In modern cinema and or TV, characters are now developed to be more shades of grey rather than good or evil. Tell us some of your most memorable moments playing Jill who is perceived as the bad apple in “Bite” and why it’s fascinating embodying this female archetype who is not the most endearing.

I do believe that each Character that an actor plays has an interesting rise and fall in their characters arc, which I guess would be their shades of grey. Jill was fascinating to me and probably one of my most challenging roles so far. Jill also has a slight comedic twist. Anyone who knows me personally who has seen BITE are shocked that I could become Jill. Jill is everything I am not. Let’s just say I embodied every jealous, disrespectful, manipulative, home wrecking woman I could study or unfortunately have met in my past relationships. I know what betrayal feels like and I gave it my all to portray the chaos that she causes in this movie. Jill, at one point seeks forgiveness from Casey…but unfortunately Jill’s change of heart is too late. Jill definitely experiences Karma. That’s why I pride myself on treating people with love and respect; I will never want to be in Jill’s shoes in reality.

3. In addition to “Bite”, you are also the leading lady in “Secret Santa” which has its world premiere at The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival. How different is the persona you play in “Secret Santa” as opposed to the one in “Bite?

My character’s name in Secret Santa is Nicole. Nicole is a student trying to pay her way through university…let’s just say her job is not a regular 9-5 one. I had a lot of fun with this character because I got to express my extremely awkward, sexual side (which until I filmed this movie, I didn’t know I had). She is genuinely a good person, who is blindly in love with her cheating boyfriend. I performed my own fight scenes and am definitely a fighter in this movie, which I love and am Thankful to Director/writer Mikey McMurran for. Nicole is no victim in Secret Santa, very much like me. So between being the complete opposite of the real me as Jill in BITE and being my comedic, awkward, strong self as Nicole in SECRET SANTA, it been an interesting year! Secret Santa definitely plays its homage to our classic B movies, 80s slasher films, so it was an interesting world to play in. I am so thankful to Blood in the Snow for having both my films in their Festival.

4. Just like the Australian ladies, Canadian talents such as the lovely you are currently dazzling the globe? Why do you think this is so and what are your ambitions as a blossoming actress?

Good question. Honestly I think it’s the individual actress, the trend of this happening is fantastic though. I have auditioned for bigger films from the US this year and almost got to be a part of them. I think it’s because we have such wonderful Canadian gems like Rachel McAdams, Ellen Page or Neve Campbell that all left their mark on the world throughout their careers. Perhaps the US film industry sees some rare, wonderful talent here in Canada and is now willing to give our Maple leaf, Blue Jays loving, talented hearts a chance. My ambitions are similar in leaving my mark, like the beauties listed above. My ambition is to be successful with a long lived career in acting, even if it’s just paying my bills through performing full time.

5. Lastly, what do you think best represents being an entertainer? Is it distinctive beauty, the talent to stir hearts or the ability to connect with audiences?

Its all heart, hard work and talent. I think beauty in this day and age is only a slight factor. I may sound like a fluffy bunny when I say this- but I truly believe that when a performer bares their whole naked soul in a performance, it does stir the hearts and therefore connects to the audiences. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Just being human and letting fellow humans know its ok to JUST BE human. We’re all in this together. If I can get you to feel that way when you watch my performances, then I’m thankful and I think I’m on the right road as representing a true entertainer. smile emoticon

Don’t forget to visit the ANNETTE WOZNIAK OFFICIAL SITE for more info.

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