Hotties On Film, DVD, TV and the Web – 26 Oct 2015

1. Cody Kennedy in “Casual” on HULU


– A Goddess in her own right and with her amiable effervescence, Cody Kennedy is a radiant enchanter who has a mesmerising effect on anyone who have come across her work
– Famed for her roles on TV, catch her as Destiny in “Casual”, this Wednesday, 28th October on Hulu and with the theme being one that’s sex heavy, threading open relationships including foursomes, expect Cody to be a temptation for the eyes.
– There may be a hot blonde in my country of Singapore right now by the name of Maria Sharapova, the tennis darling but there’ll be many raving about the comely Miss Cody in Asia and around the world.

2. Emily Coutts in “Crimson Peak”


– Canadian Vixen Emily Coutt’s entrancing breakthrough role as Emma, the lifestyle blogger who begins to seriously contemplate her life when her wedding plans are rescheduled in “Barn Wedding” is testament to her magical ability to carry a movie.
– Don’t miss her in Guillermo del Toro’s lush gothic horror romance “Crimson Peak” as Eunice and Emily makes quite the fashion statement when she takes to the screen.
– Could the arena of television be the next step in her ascendency especially since she will be appearing in “The Girlfriend Experience” based on the Steven Soderbergh film of the same name that centres on a high-end call girl played by pornstar Sasha Grey.

3. Rachel Sondag in “Blunt Talk”

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– There’s many shows that are having their finales this week and so we’re become enamoured with the women of television such as the absorbing as well as likeable Rachel Sondag.
– In the comedy series “Blunt Talk” on Starz, she of course plays the eco-friendly Sally, the wife of Duncan Adler (Jason Schwartzman) who makes a very bold statement by kidnapping British newscaster Walter Blunt (the legendary Patrick Stewart).
– With her impressive run as a must-watch comedienne alongside some of the biggest stars, Rachel may soon find herself as one of the brightest prospects in Tinseltown.

4. Niki Koss in “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse”

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– No Zombie Feature is complete without a ravishing face at the centre of attention and Niki Koss is one to covet especially since she’s one of the headliners in potential hit “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse”.
– This stunner is on course to be a huge crush for fans across multiple genres as she stars as Chloe, the popular high schooler who is best friends with Kendall and Jeff, played by Halston Sage and Patrick Schwarzenegger.
– Check out the interview I was lucky enough to have with her HERE. Her reel (above) confirms she makes for one bewitching leading lady to leave us swooning indefinitely!

5. Masa Lizdek in “Lost Girl”


– Canadian sweetheart Masa Lizdek should be lauded for having an avant-guard charisma and she’s thoroughly captivating whether she’s channeling the boyish looks ala Emma Watson or the elfin allure which she makes her own.
– The popular show “Lost Girl” is also having its Season Finale this week so be sure to keep a look for the lovely Masa who guest stars.
– It was the imaginative Jay Baruchel show “Man Seeking Woman” that I first saw Masa in her element as the hippie Aja which affirms my affection for her as being one of the cutest actresses on our planet.

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