Atlanta Horror Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Andrea Carlisle

If there’s one vixen who is on course to sizzle up the Atlanta Horror Film Fest in the next few days, it would be the sultry Andrea Carlisle. She stars in the comedy short “The Voodoo Dick” as the wife who gets a magical toy that’s a tad phallic from her husband and of course mayhem ensues. The toy happens to have a mind of its own and proceeds to creepily chase after her. And why not when Andrea has such flawless features when she’s on any media, a beautiful testament to her Asian heritage. We already know women comedians are sexy as well as astute and she’s personifying every grain of it by being a writer/producer. This girl is not just about seducing our eyes, she also creates material that tickle our funny bones. The genre of horror is not all about grotesque terror and Andrea ensures we get a taste of the giggles when we watch her in “The Voodoo Dick”. She does have a penchant for playing weird, crazy and awkward characters which is essential when it comes to comedy.

She has appeared on “Two And A Half Men” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” as Cinnamon the Sushi Girl where inevitably she became the dish of the day. Give Andrea more screen time I say for she’s more that a vision of enticement. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that Andrea has done extensive work as a model in Singapore and all around Asia, acknowledging that her stint was one of her most memorable experiences. She just posted a super sexy shot of herself on Instagram which will bring smiles to many faces. We will soon find Andrea pretty irresistible!

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