R.I.P. Horror Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Jenimay Walker

Blonde bombshell Jenimay Walker is more than just a temptress, the enthralment she can radiate in the roles she’s done is deserving of merit. Jenimay’s haunting portrayal of the mythological creature Medusa in “Serpent’s Lullaby” has and will continue to generate avid interest. In this short film which screens at the R.I.P. Horror Film Fest this week, we find out that a spate of child disappearances raises suspicions that Medusa might be involved or is it her bological urge that’s come calling, having herself lost an infant child. Jenimay flirts with the dichotomy of her situation as Medusa with a moving rendition that’s certain to make audiences sit up and notice intently. Director Patricia Chica picked the right leading lady to helm such a evocative story that adds a modern twist to the Gorgon legend. Having played at the Shorts Corner at Cannes, “Serpent’s Lullaby” is a festival favourite!

If there’s one actress that would be a great fit for a show like “American Horror Story”, it would have to be the sultry Jenimay who has the finesse to imbue characters with an edgy brilliance. Notable for being a professional go-go/showgirl dancer in prominent venues and events, her ascendancy as an actress is about to glitter. With upcoming roles alongside Jennifer Blanc (whom you will know regularly sizzles this blog) in “The Lincoln” and “The Fetish Factory”, the latter as a pin-up enchantress battling bloodthirsty zombies, Jenimay is sizzling the indie genre. She’s also slated to appear in “Martyrs” starring Troian Bellisario of Pretty Little Liars fame, the English-language remake based on the terrifying movie that launched the New Wave of French horror. She’s more than ready to take up the mantle of a rising Femme Fatale and we’ll be more that intrigued by this burgeoning Canadian starlet.

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