R.I.P. Horror Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Indie Darling Jessica Velle

Mesmeric raven-haired Goddess Jessica Velle is effortlessly one of the most eye-catching actresses in the world of indie horror. It is going to be the world premiere of her film “Heavy Makeup” at the R.I.P. Horror Film Festival on 30 October so expect a wave of adoration heading her way. She stars as Jenny who is part of the clique of struggling young actresses stalked by a serial killer. She spends a great part of the horror flick hiding in dark space and even jumping out of windows in her efforts to evade the maniac but can she be the Final Girl? Jessica also recently graced the ShriekFest Film Festival in a saucy peek-a-boo black dress that tantalises the senses. She is scheduled to attend the “Heavy Makeup” red carpet which is a boon for fans who will yearn for Jessica.

Notably, Jessica headline “Jengo Hooper” which incorporated gory Grindhouse horror elements and will be returning for the sequel “Jengo Hooper Returns” which is expected to contain even more action. While she’s in the throes of being on set, Jessica did manage to make a dazzling appearance in a commercial for GUCCI directed and starring James Franco. Now there’s an actor who recognises sheer beauty and the photogenic Jessica is well on her way for some passionate viewing. She is a sweetheart and a promising talent that will leave us entranced for many years to come.

Visit the JESSICA VELLE OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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