Indie Darling: Brittney Bertier

If there’s one blossoming actress that could imprint her endearing facets into our DNA, it would be the luscious Brittney Bertier. She stars in “The Ouija Exorcism” which has its story steeped in demon possession and sets itself apart from the stories we know by towing the lines of atmospheric horror and being character-focused. Halloween is indeed here and it’s exorcism film fever what with a heady collection of possession features already released with even more to come take for example the new series “Ash Vs Evil Dead”. One can see many a viewer having a growing devotion towards Brittney as she has a radiance that’s irresistible on camera. In “The Ouija Exorcism”, you will be fixated and she does cut a fine figure in a bikini on top of her endearing loveliness.

Here’s Brittney revealing more about her role in “The Ouija Exorcism” as well as telling us what’s in store from her in the near future:

I play a temperamental teen named Chloe in The Ouija Exorcism who has recently lost her father and hates her mother’s current boyfriend. For the first part of the movie, we don’t see the inside framework of Chloe; she would rather be anywhere than with her family and doesn’t engage with them much, engrossed in her phone or music, reverting into her own world. But as the story unfolds she slowly opens up, and it becomes very clear how much she misses her father and loves her mother, despite her angsty adolescent exterior. She is also the love interest to the male lead who fawns over her, which of course she hates. It gives us some fun comedic moments to break up all the suspense!

I’m reading through a few scripts right now, looking for my next big project! I have a comedic web series coming out called “On Hold” that I am really proud of, and am collaborating with a music producer on an EP! I also just filmed a commercial, and am singing at a charity concert coming up, which is the most fulfilling type of performance of all. : )

With the elegantly beautiful Brittney charming herself into our hearts, there’s no time like the present to get passionate about her.

Check out the BRITTNEY BERTIER OFFICIAL SITE for all the juicy updates.

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