Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 2 Nov 2015

1. Ashley C. Williams in “Julia”

 alt=© Sam Zachrich

– My passion for actresses was borne out of the women in horror and Ashley is showcasing her mettle as a spellbinding talent in the lead role of the psychological thriller “Julia”.
– The movie’s focus on the journey of revenge to redemption of its tormented and damaged titular character makes it a standout. Propelled by a multi-faceted performance by Ashley who while traversing the darkness of the film is deserving of plaudits coming her way.
– Ashley’s going to rock our horror world when she immerses herself into her upcoming role as Zombie Victoria in “Selene Hollow” sparking a new wave of reverance.

 alt=© Shanna Fisher

2. Lisa Coronado in “Grimm”


– Perennial cutie Lisa Coronado puts on the scrubs to help deliver dysfunctional couple Adalind’s and Nick’s baby son in Season 5 of “Grimm”.
– Following up from her previous role as another lab coat, the Doctor Of The Dead, Dr. Merch in the series “Z-Nation” last year, we would love to watch even more of her endearing face dazzling up TV Land.
– If you’ve already adoring this petite princess, catch her in “Different Drummers” as Hazel, the wife of Lyle Hatcher who make a bold attempts to test the existence of God!

3. Davie-Blue in “Manson Family Vacation”


– Davie-Blue has the effortlessly cool, vivacity to be a covetable indie darling especially with the release of her film “Manson Family Vacation” on Netflix.
– On top of her perfectly coiffed eyebrows which many have complimented her on, she’s a burgeoning talent what with Tobin Bell of “Saw” fame endorsing her.
– There’s a lot that’s fetchingly beautiful about Davie-Blue, ensuring a space of devotion in the hearts of viewers.

4. Sarah Buehler in “Jane The Virgin” and “You’re The Worst”

 alt=  alt=

– Sarah has the sassy allure in the vein of Ksenia Solo (Lost Girl) and is crafting quite a career on TV, guest-starring in not 1 but 2 shows!
– She plays a new mum alongside leading lady Gina Rodriguez in the sophomore season of “Jane The Virgin” and is the epitome of quirkiness in “You’re The Worst”.
– The fact that Sarah can pull off various distinctive looks in her features as well as on print is telling of her striking magnetism.

5. Casey Fitzgerald in “Cowboys Vs Dinosaurs”


– Don’t miss Casey in “Cowboys and Dinosaurs” as Sky, a small town girl with a big heart who goes on a journey with some amazing characters to save the world from dinosaurs.
– One of her most memorable work to date is in “The Shift” as Amanda, an aspiring nurse whose personal beliefs are in conflict with those of her mentor.
– There’s a genuine warmth that emanates from Casey and coupled with her glowing beauty, this is one young lady we will fancy for a long time.

6. Kristen Marie Jensen in “Blood And Oil”

 alt=  alt=

– A charmer in every sense of the word, the sweet nature of Kristen is all to see as she’s a delight on film and many other mediums.
– This week, she plays the recurring role of Cassidy in the new TV series “Blood and Oil” that delves into the life of the denizens during the oil boom of North Dakota.
– Kristen is also an accomplished and melodious singer/songwriter who has lend her luscious vocals to the soundtrack of the fantasy flick “Mythica: The Darkspore”

7. Justine Lupe in “The Good Wife”


– The mercurial rise of Justine especially on television is affection-worthy and she’s certainly become a regular fixture on this blog, gracing it so invitingly!
– She is guest-starring on this week’s episode of “The Good Wife” entitled Payback and the early photos suggest her character Maggie Rossum is playing a substantial part opposite Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies).
– From her tempting turn with her lips on “Shameless” to her enchanting moments as the gorgeous intern Maddie in “Cristela”, she is definitely our Girl Crush.

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