Must Watch Indie Darlings @ Big Apple Film Festival 2015

1. Sonja O Hara and Katie Morrison in “Ovum”

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– Destined to be one of the most coveted talents from Canada, Sonja O’Hara enthrallingly delivers as both the leading lady and writer of her film “Ovum”.
– She concocts a compelling tale about egg donors as a fascinating parable akin to actresses auditioning for the role of a lifetime, darkly entertaining from start to finish!
– Enticing blonde Katie Morrison is the poster girl for “Ovum” and why not when she’s beguiling audiences with her enigmatic allure.
– A vision of ravishing beauty, she of course dazzles as Ellen, the feisty lesbian and art model who has a complex yet sensual relationship with Sonja’s character Calpurnia Dylan.

2. Sepideh Moafi in “Best Man In The Dark”

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– When when one talks about cuties, Sepideh Moafi certainly ranks high on anyone’s adoring list which means she’ll be craved when her film “Best Man In The Dark” screens.
– It’s inevitable that she’s going to be quite the enchanting temptation as Tereza, the leading man Jonas’ voluptuous ex-girlfriend and partner in crime.
– Already a fetching fixture on TV, Sepideh recently guest-starred on “Limitless” and will sizzle our world as a streetwalker in HBO drama pilot “The Deuce” set during the heyday of the porn industry.

3. Christina Toth in “Frankie: Italian Roulette”

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– The Big Apple Film Fest cherishes the ebullient Christina Toth as she follows up her leading role in “Jane St.” last year with another captivating one in the short “Frankie: Italian Roulette”.
– Some have anointed her as a porcelain doll with the ability to give soulful performances and in “Frankie: Italian Roulette”, she’s every bit the engrossing tease.
– Christina is often drawn to strong driven women and as she evolves into a talent who shines in roles of conflicted contrasts, we are duly enamoured.

4. Gabrielle Stone and Kaylee Williams in “Once, When I Was Dead”

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– It’s great to see actresses who are notable for their work on indie horror get the plaudits as Gabrielle Stone and Kaylee Williams are both bewitching. Both star in “Once, When I Was Dead” which certainly has a wickedly interesting storyline.
– A fast rising starlet, Gabrielle (who is the daughter of horror legend Dee Wallace) has an edgy and cultivated appeal that’s primed for continuous affection.
– One of the most likeable actresses in horror, Kaylee Williams is affection-worthy and could become one of the most mesmerising belles of horror.

5. Halley Feiffer in “It Had To Be You”

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– Halley Feiffer is a focus of obsession on this blog and probably everywhere else; she’s able to tell a genuine story with an adorably quirky eloquence.
– She reunites with her fellow actress Cristin Milioti who together wowed the theatre scene and now bring their endearing spunk into the romantic comedy “It Had To Be You”.
– While I couldn’t score a trailer for “It Had To Be You”, check Halley out in her web-series “What’s Your Emergency” as Janice Featherstone who is as inept as her fellow 911 call center colleagues but should be a lovable candidate to guest-star on “The Big Bang Theory”.

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