Rising Starlet: Megan Dickinson

If ever there was a time to be fixated on TV, it is the now especially with the emergence of actresses such as the beguiling Megan Dickinson. In the new Starz series “Flesh And Bone”, Megan stars as Mona, an aspiring ballet dancer who gets immersed in the world of leading lady Claire(Sarah Hay), her fellow dancer who herself is a troubled soul. Who knew the world of ballet had such multi-layered stories and the cast are indeed fleshing out the complex and sometimes dark personas of their characters. Ultimately rivalries are bound to escalate and it would be enthralling to see fresh faced Mona’s evolution in this dog-eat-dog world. She’s already graced the red carpet at the premiere of “Flesh And Bone” and I can say that Megan is delectable from head to toe.

She also happens to be a true-blue professional having danced with the Pennsylvania Ballet for eight years. I have total respect for Megan’s gritty dedication for her craft and the fact she makes ballet look so effortless is a timely reminder to give it your all in whatever you do. As Mona, she does make a saucy entrance in the first episode of “Flesh And Bone”and I can say she’s a Goddess in spite of the slight awkwardness of her scene. Her luminosity is bound to shine further when we are treated to her poetry in motion and it will be interesting if she’s going to be on the side of our pre-destined heroine Claire. Expectedly she’ll be pretty busy with all the press/promos junkets but I can’t wait to pick her brain in an interview down the road. She’s already ticked the boxes of being gorgeous and enigmatic so a flourishing devotion should soon come her way.

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