Big Apple Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Lauren Mandel

A film festival is only complete when the most adorable actresses are gracing it and Lauren Mandel is a precious starlet indeed. Known as an improviser, actor and producer, she’s a talent who is destined to bring light into our lives. Lauren is currently gracing the opening night of this year’s Big Apple Film Festival where her short film “The Delivery Girl” will be screening. Set in the future, Lauren stars as the Delivery Girl who conveys messages for customers at the Cycle Express but is secretly hiding a big secret.

Here’s Lauren talking about her role in “The Delivery Girl” and some of her other projects:

So in addition to starring in The Delivery Girl I am also the Co-Executive Producer and Director along with Julia Seales and Rachel Brittain. We wrapped production on the film in May. It was really an incredible experience working with this cast and crew and I’m really proud of how the film turned out. Very excited to screen it in a couple weeks at The Big Apple Film Festival, here in New York City.

I’m currently working on a few writing projects. In addition, I study improv at The Upright Citizens Brigade in New York. And I produce a show there as well called Night Late –

“The Delivery Girl” is set to premiere on youtube on 13th November 2015 which means she’s going to be a must to watch. Having produced, written, directed and performed in over four popular YouTube series across multiple genres, she’s a whiz at making us laugh and stirring hearts. With such an engaging and proficient background as a comedienne, Lauren could possibly become one of the sparkling prospects in entertainment.

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