Rising Starlet: Annie Chang

Television is compellingly the hotbed of young talents and the fetching Annie Chang is on course for expansive affectation. With Annie garnering plaudits such as infectiously vivacious and nuanced performances, we will be expressing our love for her in no time. She is a name we will be pining for in the next few month as Annie is in the throes of finishing shooting 11 episodes of “Shades of Blue”, the new NBC show with Jennifer Lopez. She might just be following in the footsteps of Constance Wu of “Fresh Off The Boat” fame in crafting her own measure of success. I’m delighted to see Asian actresses such as the very comely Annie showcasing their flair for engaging viewers. I can say while Britain has its Asian Doll in Gemma Chan (from the hit “Humans”), we could possibly be privy to the unearthing of America’s newest Asian sweetheart in Annie Chang.

Here’s Annie giving us a tease of her appearance on “Master Of None” and her major role on “Shades Of Blue”:

I go on a date with Aziz after finding him on a dating app, but it becomes clear that I am only interested in him for free food! It’s a fun scene, and he is extremely smart and fun to work with. In Shades of Blue, I play an FBI Agent who is helping to bring down a corrupt precinct of cops (including Ray Liotta, Jennifer Lopez and Drea DeMatteo). Should be a mid season premiere for NBC, though I don’t know any dates yet.

Would certainly be interesting to hear what Annie has to say about working with J-Lo which an interview in the near future should reveal the requisite juicy details! “Shades Of Blue” is headed for a gritty path and seeing her as the straight-laced arm of the law going up against the dark side of the law is potently riveting! She is going to be a captivator on the small screen for quite some time with another guest-role on a Curb Your Enthusiasm-style series called “Donny!”. Annie does possess the luminous X-Factor that will have us returning for more.

Drop by the ANNIE CHANG OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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