Big Apple Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Indie Darling Katie Vincent

Yet again we are drawn to the magic of indie cinema and actress Katie Vincent would be one to dazzle with a delicate splendor. Strikingly gorgeous in the vein of British actress Elizabeth Henstridge of Marvel’s Agent of Shield meets Amanda Seyfried would be the plaudits I’d bestowed on her. At this year’s Big Apple Film Festival, catch her as the leading lady of the short film “Prego” playing Emily whose one night stand with a guy sees her getting pregnant. She soon realises the would be father of her child is not quite up to the mark. With her natural sassiness, expect great and funny moments to savour in “Prego” as Katie catches our eye as the conflicted mother-to-be.

She’s so kindly giving us a look into her current and upcoming projects, a real treasure trove of updates:

Well! So what have I been up to…Basically I love all things indie. That’s why despite doing almost entirely all film, I choose to base myself in New York. It’s that real artist’s spirit. As of right now I’ve got two films hopping around festivals, “Prego” (which you’re familiar with) and Manmade Production’s “Before The Snow”. We’ve been doing really well on both accounts. They could not be more contrasting, haha. Here are there Facebook pages so you can take a gander at awards and such!


*Prego I’ve actually gotten a couple ‘Best Actor’ awards for from a couple festivals….We’ve won best Comedic short a few times too! Check it out!

Aside from that, I also just had a feature I was in called ‘BadPuss: A Popumentary’ make its way to distribution. It is currently trending on Indieflix! Here’s that Facebook Page as well….check out the flick if you feel like it. All the links you need are on the page.


So in terms of upcoming projects, I’ve got some really exciting things coming up. I have a reading this weekend for a pilot that we’ll be shooting early this spring. It’s called ‘Recovery Mission’. I’m really excited about it, I get to play such a quirky fun role and there are a lot of great people involved.

Next week I have a couple pre-production meetings and rehearsals for an upcoming feature called ‘Pickings’. This is with Digital Magic Entertainment, the same group who did ‘Prego’. We’ve got an AMAZING trailer right now…here’s the link to the Facebook page and all things this movie! I strongly advise you check it out! We start shooting the first week of January, I literally cannot wait.


Aside from that I will also be working with ManMade Productions again this year on a pretty sizable short called ‘HOTEL’. There’s some discussion about the project on the ManMade Facebook page. But as for now we are looking to lock down shooting late winter/early spring.

A feature I was in called ‘For 20’ is near it’s premiere. We’ve been getting those ever too exciting potential dates for screenings emails, haha. Check out the facebook page. It’s like Scarface but with teens and weed. I had a BLAST on this set and the project is really interesting.


I tentatively have a few other projects set up. Again, what I love about the community here is that it is just that. It’s a family where everyone knows everyone, and everyone wants to work with everyone! Even you and I have some mutual friends! Though I am absolutely not surprised.

Aside from acting I love to write. I’m working on some ideas for a short of my own, have a feature script that I’ve got to endlessly revise as well. I also paint, sing, play guitar, songwrite (I’ve even written original music for films that I’m working on!), draw….if it’s creative, I’m pretty much a sucker for it. Art is good

Kudos to Katie for her dedication and excellence in the indie genre as she’s satiating the desire of every indie fan around the world. We are hungry to witness the stories shaped by captivating women such as Katie and she has a most glittering future ahead.

Remember to check out her website ( for her fascinating assortment of videos along with her IMDB (

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