Big Apple Film Festival Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Leanna Tallmeister

Canada’s sparkling faces are lighting up the screen and our avidity keeps growing with the advent of the sweet Leanna Tallmeister. She is the female lead of the upcoming short dramatic film “Sea Change” where her character’s melancholic journey is bound to enthral audiences at this year’s Big Apple Film Festival. Already I’m scheduled to meet a fellow Canadian actress who has drop by Singapore and I can already envision their warm glow towards a faraway fan like me. In “Sea Change”, Leanna commendably tackles the emotional highs and lows as the sister figure who thanklessly takes on the responsibility as a caregiver.

Here’s the ever so kind Leanna giving us an insight into her role in “Sea Change” and some of her fascinating upcoming projects:

“Sea Change” is premiering at the Big Apple Film Festival in NY on November 7th. We are in great company and so excited to be a part of this festival. I play Tara, a 25 year old woman who has had to put her life on hold to take care of her younger teenaged sister Halie, who is suffering from a very rare, terminal bone disease. She’s dropped out of college to be a caregiver for Halie, and really has pushed everything else in her life aside. The film follows the two girls as they travel up the California coastline to seek help from an alternative doctor who has promised a cure for the illness. This is really a “last-ditch” type of effort.

They have visited doctors everywhere and have not been able to find the answer and cure they want. The film is emotionally raw, and to me it’s about so many things- the will to survive, the lengths we go to for those we love, about sacrifice, and accepting change.The film was officially selected for The California International Shorts Film Festival, and was featured on Short of The Week, which was huge for us. It’s written and directed by Emmy-winning production team Crown Chimp Films, and they’ve actually just signed a development deal with Warner Brothers, which is really exciting!

This past summer I shot a post-apocolyptic action/thriller/horror out in the Mojave desert. It’s written and directed by the awesome Justin Lee (The Walking Dead, State of Affairs) and it was one of the most exciting adventures I have ever been on. In the heat of the summer (we’re talking 103 degrees, wearing full costume), we worked as an ensemble to tell a really exciting story that will definitely keep the audience on the edge of their seats. What I love about Justin is that he features complicated, nuanced, interesting female characters in his scripts. And we get to play multidimensionally in those same dangerous worlds that in the past, the film industry has typically reserved for men. This film is comprised of an almost-entirely female cast and it blew my mind to be a part of it. I don’t want to give too much more away. It should be coming out within the new year!

I also shot a two national (Canada) commercials this year, and am currently working on a documentary directed by Canadian filmmaker Henry Li, about something very personal and dear to my heart. It is currently in the development stages.

With Leanna’s career on the up which includes her collaboration with Justin Lee, one of the greats of the film world, there are many who are going to keep an eye on this adorable up and comer. Her radiant beauty is gracing multiple genres and with her passion for telling stories, Leanna is steadily crafting her spell on the world!

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