Actress Spotlight: Loretta Yu

Television is a genuine boon for audiences and glowingly beautiful Loretta Yu will be taking us on a most riveting trip this week. She can be seen on the new Canadian series “Blood and Water” which is set to propel Asian-based stories and the characters that inhabit the world into global prominence. Denmark of course had “Forbrydelsen” aka “The Killing” which became a very popular franchise and with its emphasis on character-driven, Canada’s very own murder mystery “Blood and Water” could keep us glued to our seats. Having Chinese roots myself, it’s great that the Chinese identity is being explored so stirringly.

Here’s Loretta giving us a glimpse of her role in “Blood And Water”:

So the show is called Blood and Water. It is premiering November 8th on OMNI in Canada. It is an 8 episode crime drama. What makes it special is that it is the first trilingual program on Canadian TV, maybe even in all of North America. It switches seamlessly between English, Cantonese, and Mandarin; much like in real life, having immigrant parents. smile emoticon So there are English subtitles. The other thing is that it features a predominantly Asian cast. Here is the website with a teaser and some photos:

I play Teresa Fai. She is a pregnant ex-heroin addict who loses her husband. The series is about Detective Jo Bradley working on her first homicide case which involves a wealthy Chinese family. It is directed by John L’Ecuyer.

Loretta may have played sweet, quirky sorts in her previous incarnations on screen but in “Blood And Water”, she’s weaving herself into the life of a woman such as Teresa who has an edgy vulnerability. As her inner demons start to manifest, there’s going to be much interest in the sub-plots that she’s going to be part of. Keep a keen eye on Loretta as she continues to shine vividly.

Start following Loretta on Twitter/Instagram: @LaLettreU

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