Sizzling Cutie: Mary Elaine Ramsey

The captivators of our world are giving plenty of reasons to tune in to the small screen and Mary Elaine Ramsey is a genial beauty indeed. She’s guest starring in renowned funnyman Aziz Ansari’s new series “Master Of None” who plays a man navigating the uncertain waters of New York City. With it premiere on Netflix, this is another platform to discover new talents such as Mary who could soon be endearingly herself to the viewers. Her enticing looks are comparable to starlets such as Nikki Reed or Amanda Peet does make her desirable both on and off screen. She also happens to be friends with accomplished actresses Jackie Debatin who recently appeared on “Faking It” and Elaine Hendrix of “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” fame who is also her cousin. Like I’ve always pointed out, TV is where all the women to crave are leaving us wanting more!

Here’s Mary giving us a tease of her role on “Master Of None” as well as her upcoming project:

In Master of None I play an uptight wealthy woman in a 1960s flashback who hilariously confuses Eric Wareheim for a homeless man and rejects his come on.

I’m currently shooting a lead role in a feature film co-starring John Wesley Shipp called “Night Sweats”. It’s a psychological thriller in which I play a girl, scarred from having been molested in her youth and unable to form lasting relationships. I find myself in the middle of a massive pharmaceutical scandal.

Wow! She’s in a movie with John Wesley Shipp, the original Barry Allen and who knows she might get a chance to be on CW’s “The Flash” in the future too! Check out Mary playing a troubled Hollywood starlet who is gunning for a return to her “A” List status in the short film “Trouble” alongside her BFF Jackie Debatin. In the trailer (above), she’s genuinely mesmerising and her intensely gorgeous features is a sure thing when it comes to showering her with adoration.

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