Indie Darling: Casey Dillard

If you haven’t already, start falling in love with the women of independent cinema such as the lovely Casey Dillard who is steadily making headway on the indie scene. Casey is the leading lady of the sci-fi film “Earthrise” as Vivian Colfer who is entrenched on Mars in the face of an inhospitable Earth. She and her fellow survivors are initiating plans to return to Earth for the first time but the journey home has its own alarming travail. With its attention to an intelligent, psychological story, Casey is a standout as Vivian who eventually succumbs to an unknown ailment on her expected return to her cherished Planet Earth. “Earthrise” is now on GooglePlay so check it out HERE. With a series of short films under her belt having written and starred in “A Mutual Friend”, she’s steadily gaining attention as an indie talent to adore. She has also worked alongside James Franco in the drama “As I Lay Dying” and here is what she has to say of the great man:

He’s a very nice, very focused individual. He was wearing so many different hats on that movie he barely had a moment to sit down, but took the time to make sure everybody felt welcome and comfortable on set. I like his creative ideology.

Fans can get a taste of her onscreen appearances here:
This is where several of my titles are sold. In addition to acting, I wrote “The Fall of Henry” and “Genrevolt” and co-directed “Genrevolt” as well.

Recently she’s given me a heads up on her latest project called Stagrassle Paranormal which chronicles the lives of a rural ghost hunting team. It’s a mockumentary style series that should please horror fans as it paints a light-hearted caricature of the often serious side of shows such as “Ghost Hunters”. Establishing herself as one of the creative talents in the industry, we can’t wait to see more of the captivating facets of the radiant Miss Casey Dillard.

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