Rising Starlet: Lacy Marie Meyer


Lacy Marie Meyer is an award-winning actress everyone should be raving about for she’s an indie sweetheart destined for much success. Her effervescent charisma and sterling feats onscreen makes her one of the most buzz worthy talents in 2015 and beyond. In only her first leading role for the feature “Suck It Up Buttercup”, Lacy garnered an outstanding 4 BEST LEAD ACTRESS awards across the gamut of film festivals. She’s the epitome of what it means to be an Indie “IT GIRL” and on top of that Lacy has a most genial personality. Look out for her in the rib-tickling comedy “American Fango” which will be released next year.

Here’s Lacy giving us a glimpse of her current and upcoming projects:

American Fango was soooo Fun! I played LAURA, the protagonist’s love interest in NYC. My character was a manhattanite hostess at her daddy’s restaurant. She likes trouble! So fun to play!

I traveled to many festivals all last year with the feature I was the lead in Suck It Up Buttercup where we won many awards. I have two more indie features coming out where I am the lead in: SECOND CHANCE and the horror/thriller JOKERS WILD.

Lacy can be seen in “Curtain” which premieres at the New York City Horror Film Festival this week which is a story of a mysterious portal that seems to swallow up shower curtains! She has also appeared alongside Amy Schumer in her sketch series “Inside Amy Schumer” who even remarked that she is the most beautiful women of all time…:) That may have been a compliment for the character she played but certainly Lacy has many desirable qualities which includes her glowing comeliness that’s deserving of adulation for life! With her gift for enthralling viewers and her finesse for giving us stirring renditions of women on film, having an addiction for Lacy is a sure thing.

Visit the LACY MARIE MEYER OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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