Studio City Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Katherine Romans

The vivacious and stunning Katherine Romans is set to be one of the most eye-catching new faces dazzling up our world. At this year’s Studio City Film Festival, she’s starring in “Bound”, an arousing story of familial versus friendship bond all of us acquire in life. Katherine already looks like a star both on film and print, those magnetic blue eyes of hers can effortlessly kindle affectionate sentiments. As a blogger regaling about up and coming actresses, it’s blissful to able to unearth and appreciate the blossoming enchantment of the lovely Katherine. I can say that Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) is not the only darling around what with fresh faces such as Katherine giving us plenty of reasons to become attached to our screens.

Here’s Katherine revealing more about the short film “Bound” as well as her upcoming feature:

Well Bound was a really exciting project that was directed and produced by Lexi and Liza St. John, who are a pair of incredible talented filmmaking twin sisters. We all met during our undergraduate at NYU Gallatin, the school of individualized study. Lexi (director/writer) and Liza (producer/composer) graduated in May. I am graduating from NYU this December, in 5 weeks! I plan to stay in NY and continue to work in both film and theater.

Initially Lexi and Liza asked me to audition after seeing me perform in an all-female production of Julius Caesar at NYU. We began rehearsing in New York City in February and shot the film in Weston, VT for a week in March. I played a character named Emily, who is introduced at the beginning of the film after having been away from her friends for a month. It is implied that she has been in a rehabilitation program. She has a very close relationship with her two best friends Derrick (played by Ben Ubinas) and Chase (played by James Boland). The central conflict of the film surrounds Derrick’s character as he is torn between the obligations he has to his friends versus the obligations he has to his family, specifically his mother (Kate Nowlin) and his younger sister (Peyton Ella.) The film is quite literally about the things we bound to; our family, our friends and to the inevitably of growing up. Through Derrick’s eyes, we see what happens when all of these things come into conflict with one another.

Working with Lexi and Liza, the cast and the entire creative team was one of the best experiences of my life. The home that we shot the film in was an incredibly beautiful. We all stayed together in the home while we were shooting and had an amazing time filming, getting to know one another and eating lots of maple syrup smile emoticon

A more recent project that I worked on was another short film, directed and written by Joosje Duk, called Heavy Feathers. Joosje is an actor/writer/director who is also a student at the NYU school at Gallatin but she is originally from The Netherlands. You can check out the teaser for Heavy Feathers and more info about the script at Joosje is currently beginning the process of submitting her film to festivals!

Kudos to the impeccably talented St. John Sisters for endorsing and selecting Katherine to be in their opus that is “Bound” for she’s an effervescent, young talent many would fall in love with. Having seen the trailer of “Bound”, I’m already enamoured as Katherine has an amazingly endearing essence. The time is nigh for audiences to be intrigued by the charming Miss Katherine Romans.

Go and visit the KATHERINE ROMANS OFFICIAL SITE for more updates.

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