Must Watch Indie Sweethearts @ Napa Valley Film Festival 2015

Jessica Cummings in “Astraea”


– If ever you’re besotted with the darlings of indie cinema, then it’s essential to follow the stirring work of the luminous Jessica Cummings.
– She’s the actress/producer of “Astraea”, the post apocalyptic film where she’s an enthralling watch as Callie, one of the survivors in a world that’s been ravaged by a deadly disease.
– Jessica adeptly handles the complexity of Callie whose life becomes even more tense after chancing upon fellow survivor Astraea as well as a brewing love rivalry. Men fighting over her at the end of the world. Why not when Jessica is thoroughly appealing onscreen!

Valerie Brandy in “Lola’s Last Letter”


– Valerie Brandy is quickly becoming known as an accomplished triple threat actress as she’s written, directed and starred in the thought-provoking “Lola’s Last Letter”.
– She is the epitome of sweetness and has bags of talent as evidenced by her crafting “Lola’s Last Letter” over 7 days on a shoestring budget. Her concept of using found-footage to tell a dramatic story steeped in mystique is in itself innovative.
– Valerie has such a relatable charisma, it’s a given to keep a keen eye out for her upcoming projects and she’s a big reason why my passion for indie actresses is eternal.

Velinda Godfrey in “The Mess”


– Her film “Adonis” was the Best Short Film Winner at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival and Velinda Godfrey has steadily beguiled audiences ever since.
– Velinda is at her entrancing best as the leading lady of the short film “The Mess” playing Ellen who has to break some deathly news to her four year old son.
– Viewers are certain to be abundantly captivated by her role as Lauren in “Heartland”, a heartbroken Oklahoma artist and also a lesbian who enters into a forbidden affair with her brother’s fiancĂ©.

Joy Regullano in “Sounds We Have No Letters For”


– Joy Regullano makes hilarity look easy onscreen and with her undeniable flair for all things funny, she’ll be the talk of town in no time!
– She played Maeve, one of the most endearing characters on the hit “Supernatural” and she literally brought so much joy with her sometimes deadpan delivery and sardonic wit especially in the presence of those Winchester Boys.
– It may be a supporting role for her in the short “Sounds We Have No Letters For” but Joy is destined to be a scene-stealer with her cheeky comic style.

Adriana Mather in “Honeyglue”


– We cherished the women of indie cinema because they have a mesmerising impact on us and Adriana Mather is a genuinely compelling talent
– In “Honeyglue”, she’s a captivator from start to end as the terminally ill Morgan who goes on a life-changing adventure when she becomes romantically involved with a cross dresser. She plausibly pushes across the notion that we don’t choose who we fall in love with.
– Expect plenty of plaudits to come her way as she has a special savviness to essay multi-faceted characters that enlivens the senses.

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